Sports Activities

The college offers both indoor and outdoor game facilities. Outdoor games: Football, cricket, kabaddi, kho-kho, and athletics have enough open space and facilities to accommodate a variety of outdoor games. Indoor games: A large hall that would accommodate a variety of indoor games such as chess, badminton, and carom is lacking in both space and amenities. Even after regular education ends, these activities take place in classrooms. A sports officer oversees and directs every aspect of the sports programmes.

World Environment Day Celebration

June 4, 2022 was designated as World Environment Day. The objective of the celebration was to establish a personal bond between students and the environment. The activity raised awareness among the students about the importance of planting trees to preserve Mother Earth’s green cover. The programme explained the benefits of planting saplings and how doing so will result in a cleaner, greener, and pollution-free environment. During the event, participants made a commitment to take care of the trees they had planted and to plant trees wherever possible in urban areas. Overall, the celebration was a great way to instill in the value of social responsibility in the students to protect trees and forests.The celebration’s main goal was to help students and their surroundings develop a personal bond.

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