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Our numerous institutional and industrial partnerships enable us to support research projects and industrial training for students pursuing bachelor’s and diploma programmes in pharmacy.


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The GMS College of Pharmacy was founded in 2019 in Shakarpur, Amroha City, India by Mr. Shahnawaz Ali, the founder of the GMS Group of Institutes, who saw the need for students to receive training in pharmaceutical sciences.

For those in the pharmaceutical industry, the College has provided a supportive environment. As part of its mission to deliver the highest calibre of pharmaceutical education, the College has established a robust infrastructure.  To keep the learning programme current with the shifting trends in pharmaceuticals, constant connection with industry is maintained.  The College is working to become a “Continuous Education Centre,” where fresh information related to the pharmaceutical industry is regularly generated, by means of ongoing upgrades.

In 2019, the two-year D.Pharm (Diploma programme) and the four-year B.Pharm (degree programme) in pharmacy were launched.

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